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Sun 5 - Fri 10 July 2015 Prague, Czech Republic
Stephen McCamant

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Name:Stephen McCamant

As of the fall semester of 2012 I’m an assistant professor here at the University of Minnesota. For the 2008-2012 academic years I was a postdoc and project scientist at the University of California, Berkeley. I got my M.S. and Ph.D. at MIT, working with Michael Ernst (now at the University of Washington) and the Program Analysis Group. During this time I also spent the summer of 2005 at Microsoft Research in Redmond, working with Trishul Chilimbi on using dynamically-collected points-to sets to improve the efficiency of software model checking. Prior to that I got my undergraduate B.A. in computer science at the University of California, Berkeley; while there, I worked with the Harmonia research group and helped out at the Open Computing Facility, among other things.

Country:United States
Affiliation:University of Minnesota


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