ECOOP 2015
Sun 5 - Fri 10 July 2015 Prague, Czech Republic

There may easily be over a hundred of restaurants within a 15 minutes walk from the Marriott, the conference hotel. Many can be found using map views from TripAdvisor and Google.

Some restaurants in Prague are strictly non-smoking, some have separate areas for smokers and non-smokers that are not always well separated. If you’re looking for a non-smoking environment, always check with the waiters when entering the restaurant. Tap water is usually not offered, at better restaurants you may get it on request - but mostly the cost model is that meals are cheap and drinks, particularly non-alcoholic, are expensive. You have to ask for ice with soft drinks explicitly. Tips are usually given, usually rounding up the sum during the transaction, but not as large as in e.g. the US - roughly 10% is fine. Generally food tends to be good and cheap compared to EU average but service not so, if very unhappy, don’t give tip. Usually you can pay with card but in very cheap/small places, better ask in advance. Cheap and average-priced places usually have lunch menus (“menu” in Czech) - this means cheaper food that is prepared faster. Alcoholic beverages tend to be cheap, but soft-drinks expensive - it is not uncommon for beer to be the cheapest beverage. Most restaurants have also non-alcoholic beers.

The list below has some restaurants we recommend, but many more are good. The list has restaurants all within walking distance from Marriott through the historical centre of the city.


The main dish including sides may be about 18-28€.

Kampa Park (TripAdvisor 51/4420). International food, sea-food, a nice view of the Charles Bridge. 25 mins walk.

Mlynec (TripAdvisor 28/4420). Next to the Charles Bridge, 18 mins walk.

Bellevue (TripAdvisor 7/4420). Very close to the Charles Bridge, nice view of the Prague Castle. 19 mins walk.

Francouzska Restaurace Art Nouveau (TripAdvisor 523/4420). French cuisine, very nice interior (Municipal House of Prague). 3 mins walk.

U Modre Kachnicky (TripAdvisor 79/4420). Many variations on duck, quiet place a block away from main tourist routes, but within the historical centre. 13 mins walk. The same restaurant is also on the other bank of the Vltava river (27 mins walk).

Sarah Bernhardt (TripAdvisor 49/4420).

Average priced

The main dish including sides may be about 8-13€.

V Kolkovne (TripAdvisor 584/4420). Czech food (duck, pork, dumplings). A bit noisy environment. 11 mins walk.

Cafe Imperial (TripAdvisor 47/4420). Czech and international food. Very nice interior. 4 mins walk.

U Pinkasu (TripAdvisor 779/4420). Traditional Czech food (duck, pork, “svickova”), also famous tavern (serves beer). 11 mins walk.

Konirna (TripAdvisor 277/4420). Traditional Czech food, close to Charles Bridge. 25 mins walk.

Cafe Palanda (TripAdvisor 57/4420). Burgers, sandwiches, a cheaper option in this category. 5 mins walk.

Velky Vinograf - wine bar (TripAdvisor 348/4420). The best wine-bar in Prague, also serves food (cheese, salami, etc). 6 mins walk.


The main dish including sides may be about 3-8€, depending on the restaurant. The cheapest places are usually Pizzerias (pizza, pasta, salads), local pubs (heavy local food, smoking, beer), or Chinese restaurants. The global fastfood chains are also in Prague but aren’t that cheap.

Ambiente Pizza Nuova (TripAdvisor 367/4420). A new and still not that cheap pizzeria, good food and decent service, offers all-you-can-eat salad/pasta options. Non-smoking. Local guests seem to be a minority here. 4 min walk.

Pizzeria Rustica (TripAdvisor 724/4420). Pizzeria with decent food and service and very good prices. The smoking and non-smoking part are not well separated, but usually there is not much smoke inside. 7 mins walk.

Pizzeria Al Capone (TripAdvisor 374/4420). Pizzeria with decent food and bearable service. The smoking and non-smoking part not perfectly separated, but usually there is not too much smoke in the non-smoking part. 6 mins walk (Na Porici 1933/36).

Kolkovna Celnice (TripAdvisor 473/4420). Decent Czech food, modern interior, but gets rather noisy. 1 min walk.

Lokal Dlouha (TripAdvisor 490/4420). Czech food, beer. 7 mins walk.

Chinese Restaurant Sechuan. A small and very cheap Chinese restaurant, non-smoking, 12 mins walk from Marriott and 1 min from Hotel B&B Prague City.